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How to get SPILL APP invite Code? You can ask the customer service of MYBHAIR

How to get SPILL APP invite Code? You can ask the customer service of MYBHAIR

MYBHAIR brand introduces you to new social media: Recently, a Twitter-like app called Spill was ranked Top 1 in the US App Store's social category download list, and successfully ranked Top 2 in the App Store's overall download list.

New SPILL app: What is SPILL? What is it and who can join?

The spill social media Tea team is very excited to read the tea you spill and cannot wait to share it with the rest of the social media community! MYBHAIR also have a spill account, waiting to interact and chat with you. At present, all you need is an invitation code to join successfully.

How to get SPILL APP invite Code

How to register SPILL APP Account?

How to register SPILL app

What rules request /Community Guidelines of SPILL APP? 

SPILL is visual conversation at the speed of culture. It is a place to create memes, hot takes, gems, and a community surrounding what’s happening in the world today. And like any community, we have a few guidelines about what’s allowed (and what isn’t) to help keep SPILL safe and authentic for everyone.
We believe that amazing communities are built on a foundation of safety. For us, that means creating an inclusive space that centers the experiences of the people that are typically left behind by social media platforms (despite quite often setting the trends that define online culture).
To keep SPILL safe while also leaving plenty of space for hot takes and debate, we use a few different tools to enforce our guidelines. Behavior that’s directly dangerous or harmful — like making violent threats or attacking someone for their identity — will be removed by us, and could result in a ban.

Hate: You may not use SPILL to promote or incite hatred based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, health status, weight, socioeconomic status, or any other protected characteristic. We will not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, supremacy, or dehumanization targeting individuals or groups on the basis of their identity.
Violence and Extremism: The promotion or glorification of violence is strictly prohibited on SPILL.
Harassment: Criticism and holding people accountable for their actions is an essential part of how communities operate, but you can’t cross the line into abusive behavior. You may not use SPILL to organize, incite, or engage in repeated abusive conduct targeting a specific person or group of people.
Encouraging self-harm
Impersonation: Don’t pretend to be someone else on SPILL. Creating accounts or profiles that impersonate individuals, organizations, or entities isn’t allowed.
Misleading identities
Rumors and misinformation
Spam and manipulation
Child sexual exploitation

What is the operation attention of SPILL APP?
Posts cannot contain emojis. In order for your gust to download spill they must have an iOS device.

How to get SPILL APP invite Code?

You can ask the customer service of MYBHAIR  and get spill social media invite code:  9EQK4211 You try to enter first, if you encounter difficulties, please contact us

How to get SPILL APP invite Code from

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