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What Are Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

What Are Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

Micro ring hair extensions are also called the micro loop hair extensions or micro bead hair extensions. It is a perfect solution to extend or thicken your original hair. They are applied by attaching many small bundles of hair to a small portion of the natural hair and using small silicone-lined beads.


What are the advantages of micro ring hair extensions compared to other types of hair extensions?

1. Easily applied at home
It's easy to learn how to apply these and don't take a long time to learn. You can do it yourself at home, of course, if you don't want to apply these yourself, you can go to the salon.

apply micro ring hair extensions at home

apply micro loop hair extensions at salon

2.Suitable for different types of hair, long hair, short hair, and thin hair

3.Safe and healthy
micro ring extensions do not carry risks of hair loss, hair damage, and allergic reactions.

4.Suitable for long-term or short-term extension of hair
The micro loop hair has the characteristics of detachable, reusable and Do not use adhesive, meaning it can be applied to different cycles. Micro link hair extensions are considered semi-permanent and they generally last up to 4 months(need re-positioning every 2 – 3 months as the natural hair grows and the microbeads move away from the scalp).

5. Do not use adhesive

6.No need for too much maintenance

7.Instant mixed and Instant color change
mixed micro loop hair extensions

The above is the advantage of the micro loop hair extensions. If the hair is suitable for your needs and you also need to buy it, you can shop for Micro Loop Hair Extensions on Hairthy online store as there you will find hair quality and all available colors of micro ring extension.

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